Our Champagne

Our purpose is to get the right Champagne to the customer efficiently, economically and discreetly.

The product is recommended by me, with over 20 years experience tasting Champagne, according to what the customer requires. Should that customer require something specific, I will source it and send it on their behalf.

We endeavour to use the most efficient way possible in terms of speed and security to get the order to the customer.

Our customers are few in number but are based worldwide, with some being based in more than one country. We regularly supply the UK, mainland Europe, the Far East and the United States.

The majority of our customers are private individuals, we also supply companies and neo-government organisations.

In addition to supplying Champagne, we organise staffed events with caterers, trips to meet producers and tutored tastings.

Get in touch, and let us know what we can do for you!

Yours effervescently,

Edward Tatham


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